Coffee lives

A passion

For three generations

For nearly half a century we’ve been roasting coffee beans bought directly from producers in the plantations of North, Central and South America (Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama). A meticulous process of selection and shipment precedes the final phase, roasting; which happens in Canzo (Italy) where the Italian roasting tradition meets with our sophisticated and advanced equipment.

From the Plantation

To your coffee cup

Nimex Spa buys all its beans directly from the best American plantations. Once the coffee beans are in Italy, the Nimex team selects the beans according to the final products and follows a roasting tradition that goes back more than forty years.

The process of


Nimex coffee is roasted, as per Italian tradition, in rotating cylinders where, depending on the quantity of the beans, the temperature is between 190°C and 230°C for 10 to 20 minutes.
The Italian way of roasting coffee is a very delicate process, which at Nimex happens under the watchful eye of experienced workers who guarantee the final result; a perfectly balanced blend.


The Origins

Nimex has always taken pride in purchasing only the best quality of beans and of doing that directly on the American plantations. While the roasting process is crucial for a perfect coffee, the quality of the beans and the way they are shipped to Italy is essential too.


Arabica Mild